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Smart People Can Have ADHD Too

We know from many studies that ADHD is associated with a slightly lower intelligence quotient (IQ) and with problems in thinking known as executive function deficits.  If that’s that case, you might think that people with a high IQ cannot have ADHD.   You would be wrong.  Data on groups sometimes mislead us about individuals. Although, […]

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ADHD in Adults Over the Age of 50

ADHD in Adults Over the Age of 50 There’s a new topic in ADHD, and it’s likely to be the next clinical frontier, and that is ADHD in adults over the age of 50. We never truly believed that ADHD stopped when the pediatrician discharged you, and it doesn’t stop when you get your AARP […]

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How Animal Studies Speed Research in ADHD

How Animal Studies Speed Research in ADHD In our studies, we are using animal models of ADHD to gain novel insights into the neurobiology of this disorder. The ultimate goal is to translate our pre-clinical findings into the clinic by developing these molecules into drugs and see how they will benefit the ADHD patient population. […]

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