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The American Professional Society of ADHD and Related Disorders is now accepting submissions for the Annual Conference on January 15-17, 2021. The theme of the 2021 Virtual Conference is ADHD in the Era of  COVID: Maintaining Focus.

For the first time, APSARD is offering the opportunity for a limited number of symposia to be accepted for oral presentation. Poster submissions will continue to be accepted, as usual. Format requirements for both types of submissions are detailed below; all accepted presentations will be delivered online. As always, APSARD welcomes submissions covering all aspects of ADHD and elated disorders. In addition, this year APSARD is interested in addressing two major public health crises that have shaken the U.S. and the world:

COVID-19’s Impact
Social Injustice and Diversity
The COVID-19 crisis has introduced major stressors for people with ADHD and its related disorders across many settings: home, school and the workplace. We seek submissions that will address the impact of COVID-19 on individuals and families with ADHD and which will present innovative methods of treatment that are useful during this pandemic. Submissions addressing
how the pandemic will ultimately impact the care of people with ADHD are encouraged.
There are important ongoing dialogues in our country and worldwide regarding issues related to racism, racial disparities and related access to care. COVID-19 has disproportionately affected disadvantaged communities and people of color due to disparities in many social determinates of
health. But these issues extend well beyond COVID-19, and pose important issues related to health care in general, and care of individuals and families with ADHD, in particular. APSARD seeks proposals that will address critical issues in this area.





Submissions on other topics of interest pertinent to ADHD and related disorders will be accepted, including but not limited to:

• Psychopathology and neurobiology
• Therapeutic interventions
• Assessment methods
• Public health and policy
• Etiology and outcomes

Consistent with the mission of APSARD, which is to bridge the gap between the basic and clinical sciences and their clinical application, submissions will be accepted based on a blend of one or more criteria: scientific rigor (data driven and evidence-based), significance, innovation, clarity, and current or ultimate application to clinical practice. Accepted presenters will be asked to prepare 1-3 “take-away” messages from their research with an emphasis on current or future clinical implications; basic science presentations may emphasize 1-3 “take-away” implication in lieu of messages on the findings accessible to a broad audience. We encourage submissions that consider topics from a variety of vantage points, include individuals from different disciplines and different institutions, and model diversity across the presenters.

Please read and download the full submission guidelines!


Submission Type Deadline Fee Submission Information
Symposia  Closed $0 Symposia Guidelines

Step-by-Step Instructions

Industry Poster Closed $500 Poster Guidelines

Step-by-Step Instructions

Practitioner Poster* Closed $30 Poster Guidelines

Step-by-Step Instructions

Student/Trainee Poster** Closed $15 Poster Guidelines

Step-by-Step Instructions

*Presenting authors that are employed by a commercial entity are considered industry posters. In addition, presenting authors that are affiliated with a commercial entity and are submitting a poster about a brand specific drug on behalf of the entity should be submitted as an industry poster.  

**Previous Travel Awardees are not eligible to apply.