Membership Committee

What is the Membership Committee?

The membership committee is dedicated to furthering the mission of APSARD by recruiting and maintaining a diverse group of researchers, educators and clinicians in the field of ADHD and related disorders.

The membership committee is continually exploring new ways to “spread the word” about the value of being a member in APSARD and exploring additional opportunities to bring value to members.

Built upon the pillars of a collegial exchange of information, education, collaboration, advocacy and mentorship; APSARD members strive to improve the lives of individuals struggling with ADHD and related disorders.

Recent efforts have included:
• The “Ask the Experts” webinar series
• “Refer a friend” APSARD business cards and referral links on the APSARD web page
• Membership testimonials from a diverse group of members
• The student research awards
• Modernizing the APSARD website to better serve as a resource for ADHD clinicians
• Outreach to allied organizations both nationally and internationally
• Listing of upcoming ADHD related meetings
• APSARD membership discounts for ADHD CME initiatives
• APSARD podcasts
• Links to ADHD self-assessment tools on the APSARD website
• Free subscriptions to the Journal of Attention Disorders for APSARD members


2020 Committee Members
Greg Mattingly, M.D., Washington University - Chair
Maria Acosta, M.D., Children's National Health System
Richard Anderson, M.D., Ph.D., St. Charles Psychiatric Associates
Chris Holder, M.A., Private Practice
Jeffrey Katz, Ph.D., Private Practice
Meghan S. Leahy, MS, NCC, Leahy Learning
Jeffrey Newcorn, M.D., Mount Sinai Medical Center
Judith Robinson, M.D., Tufts Medical Center
Keith Saylor, Ph.D., NeuroScience, Inc
Vatsal Thakkar, M.D., NYU School of Medicine
Lisa Tuttle, M.A., University of Pennsylvania
Roberta Waite, RN, Drexel University
Cathi Zillman, NPP, Private Practice