Mission, Vision, Values

As a multi-disciplinary, professional organization, the American Professional Society of ADHD and Related Disorders’ goal is to improve outcomes for individuals with ADHD and their families by promoting research throughout the lifespan on ADHD and disseminating evidence-based practices and education.

Led by a diverse Board consisting of global experts in fields such as psychiatry, epidemiology, ethics,

coaching,  psychology, advanced-practice nursing, and pediatrics, APSARD’s goal is to work with ADHD patient organizations to heighten the public’s understanding of ADHD to reduce stigma and further promote effective dialogue between healthcare professionals and patients.

The Mission

APSARD is an organization consisting of a broad spectrum of allied mental health experts working to improve the quality of care for patients with ADHD through the advancement and dissemination of research, and evidence-based practices. APSARD will fill unmet education and training needs for healthcare professionals helping patients with ADHD, from childhood through adulthood.

Our Core Values

APSARD strives for these Core Values:

  • Commitment to excellence
  • Commitment to integrity
  • Commitment to openness and transparency
  • Multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary focus
  • Supports highest level of scholarly activity and evidence-based practice

The Vision

To be the premier professional society for the exchange and dissemination of scientific knowledge and best clinical practices for ADHD and related disorders.

Our Goals

Goals describe the outcomes APSARD will achieve for its stakeholders, i.e. for the members, patient advocacy groups, government research institutes, academia, industry, and allied societies.

  • Goal 1: Annual Meeting - The APSARD Annual Meeting will be consistently acknowledged as the preeminent professional meeting focusing on ADHD throughout the lifespan. We will strive to maintain previous attendees and grow in participation each year.
  • Goal 2: Membership - The membership of the Society will include clinicians from a variety of professional disciplines including: psychiatrists, pediatricians, psychologists, advanced practice nurses, and other clinicians and researchers with an interest in ADHD and its related disorders.
  • Goal 3: Organizational Effectiveness & Financial Sustainability - The organizational structures and mechanisms of the Society will be effective and contribute to achievement of the vision and goals while maintaining financial stability.
  • Goal 4: Education - Promote evidence based practices in managing ADHD in primary and specialty care through education of clinicians, researchers and other service providers.
  • Goal 5: Advocacy - Work with patient care, government, and media organizations to advocate for advancing scientific research and dissemination to benefit individuals with ADHD and their families.

Click HERE to view the APSARD by-laws.