Social Media & Website Committee

What is the Social Media and Website Committee?:

The Social Media and Website Committee plays an essential role as the group dedicated to communications through key media. We support APSARD’s mission of improving the quality of care for people with ADHD through dissemination of research and evidence-based practices in our blogs and media posts. These posts become publically available and are an excellent way of communicating amongst ourselves, and of introducing expert perspectives to a broad spectrum of allied mental health professionals, care workers, educators, and others within our communities. As a public voice of APSARD, we are mindful of our obligation to be a venue for presentation of critical information on ADHD and related disorders including appropriate diagnosis and assessment, current as well as emerging treatment paradigms, and updates in science and technology advances.

Our committee has been working to generate and disseminate fresh content about expert clinicians, clinical perspectives, clinical programs, research programs, and research findings.

In partnership with our management team, we have been working to redesign our website to improve functionality and appearance for current and prospective members.

We have been promoting the work of the education committee, generating interest in the upcoming conference, and disseminating information about ‘Ask the Experts’ sessions that are available to the community.

We have developed two initiatives that are soon to be implemented, the Clinician of the Month Survey and the Membership Input Survey, to improve communication within the APSARD community and help us promote our expert members


2020 Committee Members:

Beth Krone, Ph.D., Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai – Chair
Kevin Antshel, Ph.D., Syracuse University
Steve Faraone, Ph.D., SUNY Upstate Medical University
David Giwerc, BS, Attention Deficit Disorder Association
Ryan Kennedy, DNP, NP, Brown Clinic for Attention and Related Disorders
J.J. Sandra Kooij, M.D., Ph.D., The Hague, The Netherlands
Isaac Szpindel, M.D., Appletree York University
Craig Surman, M.D., Massachusetts General Hospital
Joel Young, M.D., The Rochester Center for Behavioral Medicine




The Clinician of the Month Survey

The Membership Input Survey