The annual meeting of APSARD is an opportunity to bring experts together to share knowledge and build collaborative relationships for improving research and clinical practice. In the symposium, “Adhd and Autism: New Insights on Their Relationship”, Dr. Steven Pliszka will lead discussants Dr. Rommelse, Dr. Yerys, Dr. Harden in a review of recent work regarding complex relationships between the disorders.

Clinician Takeaways:

Clinicians will discuss recent advances in the psychopharmacology of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), particularly regarding the treatment of inattention and impulsivity in those with ASD.

Researcher Takeaways:

Researchers will review the results of neuroimaging studies relevant to the comorbidity of ADHD and ASD.

The Talks:

Dr. Rommelse will present longitudinal studies mapping both symptom domains during various parts of the lifespan. She will propose that co-occurrence need not originate from shared etiological factors at onset, but also from factors that determine the course of both disorders.

Dr. Yerys will review the neural mechanisms underlying executive function impairments in ADHD and ASD with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), focusing on the role of the frontoparietal and salience brain systems. She will discuss convergence with innovative treatments targeting and remediating the executive function system.

Dr. Harden will review treatments for core features of ASD, and for associated behavioral disorders, including ADHD. The role of novel pharmacological interventions including oxytocin, arginine vasopressin, N-Acetylcysteine, pregnenolone, and memantine will be discussed. Clinical trials data will be presented, including recent findings involving old and new compounds.