APSARD 2020 Annual Meeting- Sleep Challenges in ADHD

Published on December 16, 2019
Medscape Features APSARD in the first US Adult ADHD Guidelines

The annual meeting of APSARD is an opportunity to bring experts together to share knowledge and build collaborative relationships for improving research and clinical practice. In the symposium, “Sleep Challenges in Adhd”, Dr. Stein, Dr. Sciberras, Dr. Weiss, Dr. Becker, and Dr. Surman will discuss sleep research, and clinical perspectives with potential algorithms for addressing sleep problems in patients with ADHD, using a lifespan perspective.

Clinician Takeaways:

Clinicians will develop skills in assessing sleep problems associated with ADHD and its treatment throughout the lifespan. They will develop a better understanding of behavioral and pharmacological interventions and their relationship to sleep.

Researcher Takeaways:

Researchers will develop their knowledge and understanding regarding the importance of assessing sleep in clinical trials, and practical understanding of the issues involved in capturing sleep as an outcome or adverse event.

The Talks:

Dr. Stein will provide highlight methodological issues in studying sleep and ADHD, including discussions of subjective and objective measures, patient selection, and study design

Dr. Sciberras will discuss behavioral sleep interventions for children with ADHD, as a first line treatment.

Dr. Weiss will present findings from studies of sleep as an adverse event, versus sleep as an outcome. She will address factors related to the heterogeneity of sleep effects found in ADHD studies.

Dr. Becker will discuss his research regarding sleep problems in adolescents with ADHD.

Dr. Surman will present a clinical trial with adults, and discuss the relevance and importance of assessing sleep problems at baseline during clinical trials.