Black History Month is celebrated throughout the United States, the UK, Canada, and Ireland, as a time to recognize the rich cultural heritage and achievements of the Black community ( This year’s theme of Black Health and Wellness asks us to acknowledge not only Black scholars and practitioners of Western medicine, but also to recognize the cultural and non-medical aspects of wellness that are embraced throughout the African Diaspora (

We at APSARD would like to start by honoring the trailblazers in psychology, psychiatry, and mental health advocacy, who took up the fight for justice and equity in the face of structural racism  Among those  trailblazers are:

  • Dr. Inez Beverly Prosser, PhD,  the first Black woman to receive a PhD in psychology –
  • Dr. Francis Cecil Sumner, PhD, the Father of Black Psychology –
  • Ms. Bebe Moor Campbell, one of the most influential Mental Health Advocates raising support and awareness for the Black community, and a best-selling author – – whose books are available as audiobooks and include, “Singing in the Comeback Choir”, “Your Blues Ain’t Like Mine”, and “72 Hour Hold”.

We want to honor those who continue their work, even as we acknowledge how much more work remains to be done. Let us consider the intersection of racial diversity, ethnic diversity, and neurodiversity offered by Dr. Loucrese Rupert, MD, a neurodivergent psychiatrist who treats ADHD and shares her experiences alongside colleagues, patients, and advocates to fight stigma, in support of mental health and wellness. Let us hear from scientists like Dr. Salif Mahamane, PhD who talks about his perspectives on the cognitive science of ADHD as a man with ADHD And let us tune in to artists like Rene Brooks, author of “ADHD & More: How an ADHD Diagnosis Transformed Me”, to learn how to connect with the people for whom we care.

Continue celebrating with the National Museum of African American History and Culture, and take advantage of some of their outstanding events