Improving the lives of people with ADHD


Promote interdisciplinary communication among researchers, clinicians, and educators to enhance the care for individuals living with ADHD throughout their lifespan. This is achieved by advancing and disseminating scientific knowledge in collaboration with researchers and practitioners in order to implement evidenced-based practices and policies.


Commitment to:

• Excellence in science and practice

• Integrity in education

• Diversity, equity and inclusion

• Well-being of the community


Advance and disseminate the research base in ADHD and promote the translation of the findings for clinical practice


Improve access to the latest science and evidence-based practices for treatment of ADHD

Increase training opportunities at all levels

Establish a research plan

Promote generative discussions amongst researchers and practitioners

Understand and address the needs of the communities related to ADHD


Gain insights through active engagement

Collaborate with partner organizations

Reflect the biopsychosocial determinants of ADHD course and outcome

Address the intersectionality of ADHD and adverse health outcomes

Expand opportunities for engagement and professional enhancement with APSARD


Maintain and expand opportunities for clinicians and researchers to interact

Become a primary educational resource for ADHD

Develop value proposition for membership

Build alliances with national and international professional organizations

Strengthen the standing of APSARD as a leading and respected voice in ADHD


Lead by example in support of the ADHD communities

Communicate the value of APSARD

Diversify funding sources for research, education and advocacy

Actively participate in advocacy and policy fostering the well-being of the ADHD communities