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Celebrating Black History Month

Black History Month is celebrated throughout the United States, the UK, Canada, and Ireland, as a time to recognize the rich cultural heritage and achievements of the Black community (https://youtu.be/1JQ66r1KXxA). This year’s theme of Black Health and Wellness asks...

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Other Myths about ADHD

Myth: ADHD is an American disorder. Those who claim ADHD is an American disorder believe that ADHD is due to the pressures of living in a fast paced, competitive American society.   Some argue that if we lived in a simpler world, ADHD would not exist. Fact:  ADHD...

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Psychotherapy for ADHD

Psychotherapy and ADHD: How a Harvard Professor Help his Patients Professor Larry Seidman is world renowned for his neuropsychology and neuroimaging research.   In addition to all of his creative science, he has found the time to create what he calls...

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