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Treating ADHD in a Time of COVID-19

During the covid-19 era, APSARD has been able to connect and lean on our partnerships with other ADHD organizations. CADDRA, the Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance, has partnered with APSARD in the past and present to share information in the ADHD field. APSARD is proud to work alongside CADDRA and encourages its members to utilize the […]

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ADHD and Race in the School Setting

ADHD and Race in the School Setting Catherine L. Montgomery & Kevin Antshel, Ph.D. Department of Psychology ADHD Lifespan Treatment, Education, and Research (ALTER) Program Syracuse University The prevalence rate of ADHD in the United States varies by race/ethnicity; notably, rates of ADHD diagnoses in Black children are estimated to be 65% to 75% of […]

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ADHD Among Seniors: APSARD Members in the News

ADHD Among Seniors: APSARD Members in the News APSARD members David Goodman, Kathleen Nadeau, Lenard Adler, and Sandra Kooij recently discussed with the Wall Street Journal’s Sumathi Reddy the importance of properly diagnosing and treating ADHD among older adults. The article, ‘An Unexpected New Diagnosis in Older Adults: ADHD’, juxtaposes patient perspectives with those of […]

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