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APSARD Blog: Sluggish Cognitive Tempo in Adult Outpatients Seeking an ADHD Evaluation

By Jessica R. Lunsford-Avery & John T. Mitchell Sluggish Cognitive Tempo (SCT) is a set of symptoms including mental fogginess, slowed cognition and behavior, and daydreaming. Researchers are currently uncertain whether SCT is a transdiagnostic construct or a separate diagnosis, and if it is a separate diagnosis, there’s discussion about whether to call it SCT […]

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CBT for Adult ADHD: Turning Intentions into Actions at the APSARD 2018 Conference

As part of the symposium on non-medical treatments for adult ADHD, I’ll be presenting on CBT for adult ADHD. One of the principles in framing interventions is turning “managing ADHD” into actionable steps the patient can “do” to improve functioning. Similarly, being a practicing clinician specializing in adult ADHD, it has been helpful to see […]

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Language of ADHD in Adults on Social Media

A recent, online ahead of print article in the Journal of Attention Disorders addresses the social media language and use in a sample of 1399 adults self-identified as being diagnosed with ADHD compared with matched controls. In addition to linguistic analysis of public Twitter posts regarding themes (including how these themes mapped onto the 5-factor […]

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Part 2: Review of ADHD Entrepreneurial Research

In this second blog, I will discuss what the research Entrepreneurship and Psychological Disorders: How ADHD can be productively harnessed revealed about the importance of hyper focus and how some of the world’s leading Entrepreneurs use the strength of hyper focus. I will also propose a few practical recommendations to expand the research I believe […]

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Part 1: Review of ADHD Entrepreneurial Research

This is the first in a series of two blog posts discussing and reviewing Entrepreneurship and psychological disorders: How ADHD can be productively harnessed Wiklund et al. (2016). Entrepreneurship and psychological disorders: How ADHD can be productively harnessed. Journal of Business Venturing Insights, 6, 14-20.  Entrepreneurship is often associated with ADHD symptoms such as […]

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